HYSYNAL™ Non-Latex Tourniquets $1.00

HYSYNAL™ Non-Latex Tourniquets

HYSYNAL Synthetic Rubber Tourniquet Straps, Leg and Neck Straps Blue

Hysynal Tourniquet

HYSYNAL™ Non-Latex Tourniquets are manufactured with Hygenic’s proprietary formulation of synthetic rubber, which eliminates any concerns about latex allergies. Many have tried to mimic the proprietary non-slip texture of our blue tourniquets, which helps keep the tourniquet comfortably tied and tight on the patient’s arm.



  • Standard color is blue, however, custom colors and printing options are available with a minimum order quantity
  • Standard sizes are ¾” (19mm) and 1” (25.4mm) widths by 18” long
  • Can be manufactured with holes to be used as a leg strap or bite block strap

Benefits of a HYSYNAL™ Non-Latex Tourniquet Strap:

  • Made in the USA
  • Non-latex material eliminates concerns around latex allergies
  • Non-slip texture keeps the tourniquet tied and tight
  • Excellent tear resistance

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*minimum order quantities will vary


Sheeting is available in three different materials - synthetic rubber, natural rubber latex and thermoplastic elastomer.


Film is available in two different materials - thermoplastic elastomer and natural rubber latex.

Q: What are the packaging options available for HYSYNAL™ Tourniquet Straps?
There are five packaging options:
1.  25 perforated straps on a reel, four reels per box, 10 boxes per case (1000/case)
2.  10 boxes of 100 lay flat tourniquets (1000/case)
3.  4 boxes of 250 lay flat tourniquets (1000/case)
4.  Bulk (1000/carton randomly dropped into poly lined cartons)

Q: Is there any powder on your HYSYNAL™ tourniquets?
No.  These tourniquets are powder free.

Q: How much does one case of your tourniquets weigh?
Case weights will vary depending on the packaging option, but generally one case will weigh about 18-20 pounds (8.17kg to 9.07kg).