Sheeting is available in three different materials - synthetic rubber, natural rubber latex and thermoplastic elastomer.


Film is available in two different materials - thermoplastic elastomer and natural rubber latex.


Tourniquet straps, leg straps and neck straps are offered in both natural rubber latex and synthetic rubber materials.


Tubing is available in four different base materials - Natural Rubber, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Natural Rubber Latex & Synthetic Rubber.

Rubber Cord

Rubber cord is tubing with a solid center and is available in two materials - natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

Rubber Profiles

Hygenic can manufacture extruded custom profiles from almost any elastomeric compound we make.

Custom Rubber Products

Hygenic specializes in creating custom rubber products and rubber-like solutions used in many applications. If our standard formulations don't meet your specific requirements, we can custom compound a formulation suited for your application.