Natural & Synthetic Rubber, Elastomeric Product Manufacturing FAQs

Q: What sizes of tubing and sheeting do you stock?
We offer a wide variety of standard sizes of tubing, sheeting and tourniquets – too many to list here. Please call customer service or e-mail us for details: 800-321-2135 or [email protected].
Q: What are your prices?
The majority of products that we manufacture are made on a custom order basis so they are also priced on a custom basis. We do offer standard sizes and packaging configurations of natural rubber tubing, natural rubber latex sheeting, latex tourniquets, non latex tourniquets and leg straps. These price lists are not published so please call us or e-mail us for a copy: 800-321-2135 or [email protected].
Q: Do you offer special colors of rubber tubing and latex sheeting?
Yes, we can create natural rubber tubing or latex/non latex sheeting in virtually any color, including fluorescent and some pearlescent colors. We can even provide custom color matching.
Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement?
Yes, we do and it varies depending on the product. Please call customer service for details: 800-321-2135 or [email protected].
Q: What are your lead times?
Generally speaking, lead time for standard, stocked products are 3-5 days for shipping. Lead times on custom manufactured items vary depending on the item and our manufacturing schedule. Please call for details: 800-321-2135 or [email protected].
Q: Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we take all major credit cards. However, for the sake of convenience, many customers prefer to set up credit terms. We typically require three trade references and one bank reference. Please contact us and we’ll walk you through setting up an account with us: 800-321-2135 or [email protected].