Leaders in synthetic and natural elastomeric & latex rubber products

The Hygenic Corporation was founded in 1925 by Walter Keith as a manufacturer of vulcanized rubber dentures. In 1940, we began manufacturing natural rubber latex sheeting used as dental dam and primarily manufactured dental related products until the mid 1970’s. Since that time, The Hygenic Corporation has grown into a world-wide leader in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of the highest quality synthetic and natural latex rubber sheeting and tubing which are produced to exceptionally tight tolerances.

Throughout the years, we've backed our superior elastic products with a commitment to exceptional customer service, responsiveness and innovation making us the industry leader in:

  • Natural Rubber Sheeting
  • Synthetic Rubber Sheeting
  • Extruded Rubber Tubing 
  • Dipped Latex Tubing
  • Non-Latex Tubing
  • Latex & Synthetic Tourniquets

Our latex sheeting and tubing is everywhere -- fitness/training, hunting and fishing, medical fluid delivery and collection systems, bakery, gas and air delivery systems, laboratory supplies, pulleys and belts, the costume and fashion industries and industrial material linings, to name a few.

In addition to our vast array of standard synthetic and natural rubber offerings, our product and formulation development, R&D and engineering teams are always ready to help you meet your unique tubing, film and sheeting requirements. Our motivation is your satisfaction.

Hygenic also manufactures TheraBand® Products, an innovative line of resistive exercise and therapy products. For over three decades, TheraBand Products have been producing results for therapists and professional sports trainers as tools for conditioning, rehabilitation and strength-building. Now they're available for home use, including sports-specific kits developed by professional athletic trainers. While you're online, take a moment to learn more about the many benefits of low-impact resistance training at www.performancehealthacademy.com.

In 2006, The Hygenic Corporation acquired Performance Health, Inc., the company that launched the popular pain relief product, Biofreeze®. Biofreeze was first introduced to the world by a medical professional who was searching for a way to help his grandmother manage her arthritis pain. The formula he created consisted of the active ingredient menthol with a synergistic blend of inactive ingredients. The resulting formula offered quick, effective pain relief without the use of prescription drugs. Today, Biofreeze products are providing relief to countless arthritis sufferers. But the pain reliever's unique, cooling formulation is also comforting to sore muscles and muscle sprains; easing back, shoulder and neck pain; reducing painful ankle, knee, hip and elbow joints and helping to lessen effects of muscular strains.  Visit this product line at www.performancehealth.com.

We invite you to Explore the Possibilities of natural latex rubber and synthetic rubber products made the Hygenic way. The highest quality for your most demanding applications. Learn more about The Hygenic Corporation here.

Quality Policy

   Zero Defects, 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • The Hygenic Team pledges to meet and exceed requirements, continually strengthening and improving our quality focused culture and systems.


The Hygenic Corporation has two manufacturing locations – Akron, Ohio and Ipoh, Malaysia.  Both locations are ISO 13485:2016 certified and FDA registered. The facility in Akron, OH houses the corporate headquarters, accounting, sales, marketing and customer service functions and both locations offer R&D and engineering services.  Our Malaysia facility concentrates on the production of our natural rubber latex products and the Ohio facility manufactures the HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber, HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Sheeting & Film and other dry rubber products.


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