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Thermoset Rubbers On The Rebound White Paper

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"Thermoset" can be defined as a petrochemical material that irreversibly cures. Thermoset materials are generally stronger than thermoplastic materials due to a three dimensional network of bonds or cross linking. This process provides some unique characteristics that other polymers just can't match.

Thermoset materials can be broken down into natural and synthetic polymers. The Hygenic Corporation manufactures both natural polyisoprene and synthetic polyisoprene. The natural polyisoprenes we manufacture are "natural rubber latex" and "natural rubber" (Don't know the difference? Click here to learn). HYSYNAL® is our trade name for the synthetic polyisoprene tubing, sheeting and film we manufacture.

As a leading polymer expert in both thermoset and thermoplastic elastomers, we have written a technical paper in partnership with IHS Engineering entitled "Thermoset Rubbers on the Rebound". You are invited to download a copy of the white paper (see link below) to discover why you may want to consider a thermoset material for your next elastomeric component.