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Hygenic Rubber Products a Top Choice in the Medical Industry

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Of the many uses for Hygenic’s rubber products, one of the most popular is in the medical industry. Hygenic’s variety of rubber straps, tubing and cord, and sheeting are a top choice for many applications in the medical industry because most products can be made in non-latex synthetic rubber and many have been successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard to be used in a medical setting.

Hygenic’s natural rubber and non-latex straps can be used for many applications, but are used most popularly as rubber tourniquets or leg and neck straps. Our latex and non-latex tourniquets are available in several packaging options including rolled and banded for IV start kits.

In medical settings, leg straps are generally used to secure a portable urinary drain bag to a patient’s leg so that the patient is free to move about when catheterized. Neck straps are primarily used during endoscopic procedures to help hold the endoscopic bite block in place in the patient’s mouth.

Hygenic’s leg and neck straps are popular because they are effective, inexpensive and are available in both natural and synthetic rubber versions, appropriate for patients with latex allergies.

Natural rubber latex straps are tear resistant, slip resistant and smooth to the touch. They have been successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard for various medical applications.

Made from HYSYNAL synthetic rubber, our non-latex synthetic rubber straps are non-slip, powder free and appropriate for patients with latex allergies or sensitivity. Synthetic rubber straps are available in a variety of custom colors, gauges and widths and have been successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard for various medical applications.

Esmark bandages (also spelled “esmarch” bandages) are used for bloodless surgery on limbs. Hygenic’s rubber sheeting and rubber film is often used for esmark bandaging. Both rubber sheeting and rubber film are available in natural rubber latex and synthetic non-latex versions. If you are unsure about which product is best for your esmark bandage application, contact us.

Rubber tubing and rubber cord are also quite useful for medical applications. Our latex and non-latex rubber tubing can be used to transfer materials such as urine, blood, and other bodily or medical fluids.

We have non-latex alternatives available for just about any application that currently uses latex, including injection sites and trocars.