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Unique Applications Require Unique Polymers

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Many applications require unique physical property requirements in order to work. In applications requiring good elongation and recovery, natural rubber latex is usually the best choice. However, in many markets, especially those associated with the medical market, natural rubber latex is not the material of choice. The Hygenic Corporation has developed an unique synthetic polyisoprene sheeting that mimics the properties of natural rubber in a synthetic polymer.

Dr. Stephen “Brock” Blankenship, a former SOF (Special Operations Force) Operator/Medic, developed the SWAT-T™ to function as a multi-purpose trauma care device. Brock taught combat life saver/combat casualty care and knew from firsthand experience that the tourniquets being used were less intuitive and were not multi-functional. He wanted to create a more intuitive, multi-functional device that both medical and non-medical personnel could easily carry and use to prevent loss of limb and help save lives. His search led him to The Hygenic Corporation’s HYSYNAL® Synthetic Polyisoprene sheeting.

SWAT-T™ means Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck Tourniquet. The SWAT Tourniquet functions as a tourniquet, a pressure dressing and an elastic bandage. It is simple enough that just about anyone can apply it in seconds with little or no prior training. There is printing on the tourniquet that helps to guide you so you know just when to tighten or loosen the strap. SWAT-T is available in two colors – rescue orange for EMS and first responders and black for SWAT forces, police and military.

Dr. Blankenship developed the SWAT-T to save lives. The success stories are the reason why he works so hard promoting this product. And the SWAT-T works great on children and pets, too. Read some of the success stories and learn more about the SWAT-T by visiting their website: http://www.swattourniquet.com.