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The Hygenic Corporation’s History Timeline

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The Hygenic Corporation® has been manufacturing high quality products since 1925. Through all these years, many things have changed, however, our basic philosophy and commitment to quality have remained the same. Here is our company’s history as told through a time line. We hope that you enjoy reading about our history and the many favorable changes we have made through the years.


Walter P. Keith, Sr. while still an employee of Seiberling Rubber Company, purchases the trade name, formulas, and tangible assets of the Hygienic Dental Rubber Company of Port Huron, Michigan. The company had ceased operations in 1915 having only one product – Vulcanite (hard rubber) for dental use.


Mr. Keith uses the Seiberling laboratories to revise and improve the formulas and arranges for their manufacture under contract by Seiberling. The bulk materials are packaged and marketed by Mr. Keith out of the attic of his home.

The company introduces Foot Comfort Cushions, designed to relieve the dentist from inevitable fatigue of doing chair side hours. These anti-fatigue mats continued as one the company’s major product lines for many years and found uses far and wide beyond the dental markets that included beauticians, the electronics industry and retail stores.

The Hygienic Dental Rubber Company files for Articles of Incorporation and holds the first Board of Directors' Meeting.

Resolution is approved to change the name of the corporation to The Hygienic Dental Manufacturing Company to reflect the company’s expansion outside of dental rubber.

Equipment for surgical tubing and manufacture of rubber tubing for braiding purposes is installed.

Two physical therapists using bulk dental dam for physical therapy, contact Hygienic and along with Walter P. Keith, Jr. develop the idea of a product called Thera-Band®. Originally the Thera-Band exerciser was manufactured in black only. In 1978, Hygenic decides to denote levels of resistance by color.


Corporate name changes to The Hygenic Corporation as the business expands beyond the dental market.


New product lines of tourniquet/leg straps, Thera-Band extruded tubing, etc. create significant growth.


Hygenic added extruded synthetic polyisoprene manufacturing capabilities to the product line.


Dyna-Band® Total Body Toner is introduced into the aerobics fitness market.


Installation of the first 3-D Banbury provides significant additional mixing capabilities.


Sales of therapy related products almost equal that of the Industrial/Medical Division. The Therapy Division breaks away and the Industrial/Medical Division is renamed the OEM & Specialty Products Division.

The beginning of a total quality commitment utilizing Phillip H. Crosby and Associates. All Hygenic associates are trained on the Crosby Quality System.


Board of Directors approves formation of a new company - HCM - Hygenic Corporation Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. and plans for a new factory. This is a strategic initiative to lower cost by locating the manufacturing processes near the raw material source.

The assets of the Parabath® product line are purchased from Talcott Laboratories, Inc. as part of the company's strategy to focus on rehabilitation products.

HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber tubing, tourniquets, leg straps and Esmark bandage material introduced to provide an effective alternative for medical personnel and patients who may develop sensitivity to latex.

Construction of the Malaysia facility (80,000 sq. ft.) begins.

The Thera-Band resistive exerciser is endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.


Equipment is shipped to the new factory in Malaysia and the first sheeting production is introduced.

Hygenic sells the anti-fatigue cushion operation to Columbus Foam.


Hygenic expands its offering of rehabilitation products by the introduction of the Thera-Band Exercise Ball and introduces latex-free dental dam.

In order to focus more intensely on the rehabilitation, therapy and specialty rubber-based products, the Dental Division is sold to Coltene/Whaledent, Inc.

Formation of Thera-Band GmbH in Hadamar, Germany for European distribution of therapy products is completed.

Hygenic expands its offering of rehabilitation products through the introduction of the Thera-Band Hand Exerciser, Thera-Band Door Anchor, Thera-Band Handles and Thera-Band Exercise Mat.

J&B Foam Fabricators, Inc. is purchased to enter rapidly growing aquatic exercise therapy market.


OEM & Specialty Products Group, now known as Healthcare, & Specialty Products launches the first Hygenic website.

Frogsports Products, Inc. is purchased to continue our growth in the aquatic therapy and exercise market.

The therapy products group launches the Thera-Band.com website.


Thera-Band® Academy is formed to scientifically document the benefits of resistance exercise, guide the company in its development of new product and exercise programs, and to promote therapeutic exercise through professional and consumer education.

The Hygenic Corporation is purchased by its management team in partnership with Blue Point Capital.


Thera-Band Stability Trainers, Thera-Band Flexbar® and Thera-Band slow deflate exercise balls are introduced.

Hygenic introduces Thera-Band Soft Weights.


Hygenic introduces Thera-Band Progressive Hand Trainer.

Blue Point Capital sells Hygenic to Baird Capital Partners, American Capital Strategies, and Beecken, Petty O’Keefe & Company.


Introduces Thera-Band Exercise Station, Rocker and Wobble Boards.


Hygenic acquires Performance Health, Inc. and its Biofreeze® and Prossage® brands.


Cortec Group, a New York based private equity firm, announces that its affiliate, Cortec Group Fund IV, L.P., acquires a majority interest in The Hygenic Corporation


Hygenic introduces Thera-Band Rehab Kits, Tubing with Soft Grip Handles, Band Loops, Mini Ball, Ankle & Wrist Weight Sets, Stability Disc, Tubing Loop with Cuffs, the Foot Roller, reformulated Latex-Free Resistance Bands, and the Active Recovery Rehab & Pain Relief Kits.

Hygenic introduces Biofreeze Pain Relieving Wipes and Biofreeze Gel with Applicator Tip.


Hygenic introduces Thera-Band Shoulder Pulley and Stretch Strap and launches Perform® Pain Reliever to the consumer market.


Thera-Band Hand Xtrainer, Biofreeze On-The-Go Singles, Perform Pain Relieving Singles and Perform 360° Spray, are introduced and Pedigenix™ foot care products are launched.


HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Sheet & Film is introduced through the development of a new manufacturing process.