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Hygenic Announces New HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Tubing

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Introducing HYPERFORM Elastomeric Tubing from The Hygenic Corporation

A customizable replacement for silicone or alternative to latex tubing

from the company known for creating custom rubber and elastomeric solutions.

Akron, Ohio – July 31, 2013 – The Hygenic Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Tubing, a customizable replacement for silicone or alternative to latex tubing. HYPERFORM tubing can be custom formulated to meet specific user requirements in a variety of standard colors and a wide range of sizes, including solid cord. This soft, flexible, stretchable tubing has good recovery and is more resistant to ozone than natural rubber latex tubing.

“Hygenic’s HYPERFORM is a thermoplastic polymer that mimics many of the properties of natural rubber and silicone, but has distinct advantages in some applications,” stated Nancy Hunter, Healthcare & Specialty Products Product Manager, The Hygenic Corporation. “HYPERFORM has been successfully tested to the ISO 10993 standard for various medical applications. Like synthetic rubber, thermoplastic is made from a petrochemical material source, but no curatives are required. This makes an end product with fewer extractables, creating product solutions that can be designed within established ASTM and/or FDA standards. The same benefits achieved in HYPERFORM sheeting and film is now made available in tubing.”

Medical device manufacturers see the benefit of high elongation, good recovery and low compression set in tubing made from natural rubber latex. Often elastomeric tubing provides a critical function within a medical device such as a pinch valve or ability to be inflated with air or fluid. However, many healthcare institutions are striving to limit the use of products containing latex and need a non-latex offering. Device manufacturers looking for a suitable alternative to latex rubber tubing have found that most TPE products fall short. With the introduction of HYPERFORM Tubing they now have a viable non-latex solution.

Many industrial applications, including food manufacturing and packaging, use rubber tubing because of its flexibility, kink resistance and low compression set. Yet, these applications also need to protect against extractables that could contaminate the fluids transferred. Rubber compounds can have extractables depending on the nature of the fluids transferred and operating and environmental

conditions. HYPERFORM Tubing offers the desired elastomeric properties with less extractables in many instances.

Product overview -

  • HYPERFORM tubing is manufactured on a custom order basis. Generally, HYPERFORM tubing is made in OD’s up to 0.500” (12.7mm) but it is dependent on the ID and wall combination.
  • HYPERFORM tubing can be made opaque or translucent in the following standard colors: clear, red, yellow, green, blue, black, purple, teal, aqua, gray, lime green.
  • The minimum order requirement will vary depending on the size, color and formulation.

“As we were the first to introduce synthetic alternatives with very similar properties to latex, we have non-latex alternatives available for just about any application that currently uses latex,” added Lisa Koval, Vice President, The Hygenic Corporation. “Our customers tell us that we are very easy to work with because we are the experts, we add value early in the design process, we are flexible and we provide prototypes. Customers know that while their company grows, changes and improves processes, we will continue to help them by creating custom elastomeric products for new processes or reformulated products, allowing them to keep up with ever-changing technologies and market demands. That’s our commitment to all of our customers.”

About The Hygenic Corporation

The Hygenic Corporation is a world-wide leader in the development, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high quality natural rubber latex, synthetic rubber and thermoplastic products. With over 85 years of experience, Hygenic has the expertise to deliver custom formulations produced to exceptionally tight tolerances. These superior elastic products are supported with a commitment to exceptional customer service, responsiveness and innovation. www.hygenic.com.