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How to Choose the Best Rubber Solution for Your Application

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As one of the only manufacturers of natural rubber latex, synthetic rubber, and thermoplastic products, The Hygenic Corporation has the expertise to deliver custom formulations produced to exceptionally tight tolerances. Each of Hygenic’s rubber materials offers distinct advantages and differences. Read on to find the best rubber material for your company’s unique application.

Natural Rubber

Hygenic develops products from both natural rubber latex and dry natural rubber. Products made from natural rubber, both latex and dry, are thermoset. This means they are irreversibly cured and designed to be molded into their final form. Natural rubber tolerates a wide temperature use range and has high abrasion resistance. It can be custom compounded for a wide range of uses. Natural rubber is a renewable material source and is suitable for food contact and medical applications.

Synthetic Rubber

Our synthetic rubber, HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber, shares many of the same properties and advantages of natural rubber. Products designed from HYSYNAL are thermoset, tolerate a wide temperature use range and have high abrasion resistance. Like natural rubber, HYSYNAL Synthetic Rubber can be custom compounded to varying hardness for a wide range of uses. HYSYNAL is a petrochemical material source and is suitable for food contact and medical applications. Because HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber is a non-latex rubber product, it is the choice material when latex allergies are a concern.


Our HYPERFORM™ Non Latex Elastomeric material mimics many of the properties of natural rubber but has distinct advantages in some applications. HYPERFORM has been successfully tested to the ISO 10993 standard for various medical applications. Benefits of thermoplastic material include its recyclability and design flexibility. Like synthetic rubber, thermoplastic is made from a petrochemical material source, but no curatives are required. This makes an end product with fewer extractables, creating product solutions that can be designed within established ASTM and/or FDA standard. In addition, HYPERFORM offers chemical resistances that are different from natural rubber and some grades are more weather and ozone resistant than natural rubber.

With our custom formulations, research and development, and engineering capabilities, Hygenic can help find a custom rubber product solution for your company’s unique application. Let us support you from product ideation through realization. Throughout the years, we’ve backed our superior elastic products with a commitment to exceptional customer service, responsiveness and innovation, making Hygenic a rubber industry leader.

Our products are used in so many different and creative ways, the only limitation to how you can use them is your imagination!