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Focus on Tubing

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Focus on Tubing

Hygenic manufactures basically four different types of tubing, and each type of tubing has advantages depending on the application. We also can provide custom formulations in each category. These formulations are designed to help you solve a problem. Here are the four basic tubings we manufacture:

  1. HYPERFORM® Elastomeric Tubing – This is our newest product offering. HYPERFORM tubing is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) resin. It is designed to replace natural rubber latex or silicone in many applications due to its outstanding recovery properties. HYPERFORM is not your average TPE – it is more like natural rubber latex than most any other thermoplastic. It is also available in solid cord and custom profiles.
  2. HYSYNAL® Synthetic Polyisoprene – This tubing is manufactured from a man-made synthetic rubber which was designed to mimic the typical physical properties of natural rubber latex. Our manufacturing process allows us to manufacture it in straight lengths so there is no curvature that is usually associated with natural rubber latex. It is a thermoset material so it is not subject to deformation when exposed to heat. HYSYNAL is available in solid cord also.
  3. HYTONE™ Natural Rubber Latex – This tubing is almost pure natural rubber latex and will have outstanding recoverability, stretchiness and elastic properties. It can be custom manufactured in various sizes and colors, can be cut to length, and can also be custom formulated.
  4. Natural Rubber – This is different than natural rubber latex tubing as it is made from dry, natural rubber. The physical properties are very similar to natural rubber latex – it will have very good recoverability, stretchiness and elastic properties - but may be better suited for your particular requirement depending on your size requirements, quantities, etc. It can be custom formulated in small batch sizes which reduces the minimum order requirement. Material can also be provided in solid cord and custom profiles.

When you need elastic tubing, why look anywhere else? Hygenic’s 80+ years of experience and extreme customer loyalty have proven that we are the tubing manufacturer that manufacturers rely on when they need elastic tubing. Contact us today or click here to get more details about our tubing products.