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All Fun and Games for Hygenic Custom Rubber Products

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The Hygenic Corporation has been known for its innovative and high-quality custom

rubber products used in the medical, dental and welding industries since it was
founded in 1925. But Hygenic’s custom rubber products have also made their way
into many applications in the sports, toys, recreation, and fitness markets. From
hunting and fishing uses to pet products, customers have no shortage of creative
uses for Hygenic’s rubber products.

Making Safer Horse Ties

Unlike many rubber manufacturers, Hygenic has the capability to make rubber
as well as rubber cord, which is tubing with a solid center. Because of
Hygenic’s unique manufacturing abilities, a customer came to Hygenic with a
request for natural rubber cord with a thick diameter to be used as horse ties.

Hygenic’s wide diameter natural rubber cord is ideal for horse ties because the
thickness makes the cord strong, while the elasticity of natural rubber gives the
horse freedom of movement, making a safer horse tie than static rope. Hygenic’s
natural rubber cord can be manufactured in a variety of colors, making a functional
and visually pleasing product.

Attractive Turkey Calls

Hytone natural rubber latex sheeting is popular in the medical and dental industries,
but it’s also perfect for use in turkey calls. Turkey calls mimic the sound of female
turkeys, attracting male turkeys to hunters. Hygenic’s natural rubber sheeting can
be produced very thin, making an ideal reed for turkey calls.

Slingshots that go Farther

The elasticity and resilience of Hygenic’s natural rubber latex tubing is great for
traditional slingshots but recently, Hytone natural rubber sheeting has become a
popular choice for slingshot toys, hunting and competitions. Hygenic’s thin natural
rubber sheeting can fling projectiles farther than the traditional rubber tubing, and
can be made in an array of custom colors.

Fishing Lures and Spearfishing

Fishing enthusiasts will also find Hygenic’s rubber products useful—Hygenic rubber
is often used in traditional fishing lures. For more adventurous fishers, Hygenic has
recently expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include rubber tubing sized for
spearguns used in underwater spearfishing.

Hygenic’s rubber products have also been used in dog toys, exercise resistance
bands, magic tricks and many other sports, recreation and toy products. Contact
us to find the perfect product for your recreation application or to create a custom
rubber product for your unique manufacturing needs.