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Highlighting Hygenic's Document Control System


Hygenic utilizes an electronic document management system allowing for timely approval of documentation which includes procedures, product specifications, MSDS’s, etc. It enables us to process and track changes quickly and provides assured revision control - all contributing to accelerated customer service.... Read More

Bon Vital' Acquisition


Performance Health, manufacturer and marketer of TheraBand®, Biofreeze®, Perform®, Cramer® and Hygenic® branded products, today announced their acquisition of Bon Vital', Inc. Bon Vital' is a leading formulator, manufacturer and marketer of topical products serving the massage therapy and spa professions.... Read More

Hygenic Corporation’s Capital Investments Accelerate Customers’ Time to Market


The Hygenic Corporation is pleased to announce the completion of an extensive laboratory renovation and the resulting enhancements to their prototyping, custom formulating and testing processes.... Read More

Hygenic Announces New HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Tubing


Akron, Ohio – July 31, 2013 – The Hygenic Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Tubing, a customizable replacement for silicone or alternative to latex tubing. HYPERFORM tubing can be custom formulated to meet specific user requirements in a variety of standard colors and a wide range of sizes, including solid cord. This soft, flexible, stretchable tubing has good recovery and is more resistant to ozone than natural rubber latex tubing.... Read More

Why Rubber Tubing Tolerances May Be Different Than Plastic/Rigid Tubing Tolerances


Why Dimensional Tolerances of Hygenic®, HYTONE™ and HYSYNAL® Rubber Tubing are Wider than Plastic/Rigid Tubing

Even though manufacturing tolerances of rubber tubing are wider than plastic/rigid tubing, rubber can provide product solutions not available in plastic or metal.

“Manufacturing Tolerance” is defined as the difference between the upper and lower limit dimensions of the part. It is usually expressed as a “plus” or “minus” which means the nominal dimension can vary within the “plus or minus” range. For instance, if the manufacturing tolerance on an Inside Diameter of rubber tubing is: 0.250 ID +/- .010, the actual Inside Diameter of the tubing can range from 0.240 to 0.260 and still be considered “in size”.... Read More

Hygenic Rubber Products a Top Choice in the Medical Industry


Of the many uses for Hygenic’s rubber products, one of the most popular is in the medical industry. Hygenic’s variety of rubber straps, tubing and cord, and sheeting are a top choice for many applications in the medical industry because most products can be made in non-latex synthetic rubber and many have been successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard to be used in a medical setting.... Read More

All Fun and Games for Hygenic Custom Rubber Products


The Hygenic Corporation has been known for its innovative and high-quality custom rubber products used in the medical, dental and welding industries since it was founded in 1925. But Hygenic’s custom rubber products have also made their way into many applications in the sports, toys, recreation, and fitness markets. From hunting and fishing uses to pet products, customers have no shortage of creative uses for Hygenic’s rubber products. Read More

How to Choose the Best Rubber Solution for Your Application


As one of the only manufacturers of natural rubber latex, synthetic rubber, and thermoplastic products, The Hygenic Corporation has the expertise to deliver custom formulations produced to exceptionally tight tolerances. Each of Hygenic’s rubber materials offers distinct advantages and differences. Read on to find the best rubber material for your company’s unique application.... Read More

Custom Rubber Solutions Solve Industry Problems


Since it was founded in 1925, the Hygenic Corporation has become a global leader in manufacturing, development, and innovation in the rubber industry, making Hygenic Customers’ first choice for elastomeric tubing, latex sheeting, rubber profiles, and many other natural and synthetic rubber products. But occasionally, standard elastomeric products don’t meet customers’ needs for unique applications.... Read More

Why buy from an ISO certified FDA registered facility?


This article is written by Ralph Buster, Jr. Ralph is in his eleventh year with The Hygenic Corporation. During his time with the Company, he has served in several roles: Compliance Manager, Compliance Director, Director of Corporate Compliance and currently in the role of Vice President Corporate Compliance. Prior to coming to Hygenic, Ralph worked for several medical device manufacturers. Ralph holds a BS in both Biology and Chemistry and a MEd. in Education.... Read More