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Knowledgeable & experienced. We have developed custom products for a wide range of Industries

Hygenic has Developed Customized Products
for Companies Across a Wide Range of Industries

In doing so, we’ve gained valuable experience that can benefit your organization,
such as familiarity with medical device regulations or government bid processes to name a few

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | MedicalHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Medical


We provide elastic components to many leading medical manufacturers. Hygenic's products serve as essential components in medical devices, and we supply them to a wide range of major medical manufacturers.

Examples include:​

• HYSYNAL® Non-Latex Sheeting and Straps have been successfully qualified for use as tourniquets, leg and neck straps and Esmark bandages.​
• Hyperform® TPE Tubing and HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber Tubing are used in specimen collection and urinary collection devices respectively.

All these products are manufactured in facilities with ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management Systems. In addition to providing components, Hygenic can manufacture finished medical products under private label brands or serve as a contract manufacturer. ​

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | MilitaryHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Military


Hygenic's products are used in military applications due to their precisely-controlled elasticity. Hygenic manufactures the following product lines in the US.

We have a account and can provide multi-year quotes to support government bids.

Examples include:​​
• HYSYNAL® Non-Latex Sheeting and Straps are used as compression bandages and tourniquets.​
• Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Cord’s unique elasticity makes it ideal for use in sonobuoys.​
• Hyperform® Thermoplastic Elastomer Sheeting has been used in soldier readiness training.​

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | DentistryHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Dentistry


Hygenic has been manufacturing products for the dental market since 1925. Hygenic entered the dental market in 1925 with vulcanized rubber dentures. Over the years, Hygenic has provided high quality products into the dental and endodontic markets. We work closely with our customers to develop formulations specific to their needs, creating solutions that provide value to the end user.​

Examples include:​​
• Hytone™ Natural Rubber Latex Tubing has been used as supply tubing for water and air as well as vacuum tubing.​

• Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Braided Tubing has been used as a component of dental equipment. ​

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | LaboratoryHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Laboratory


Our natural rubber tubing is well suited for general laboratory usage.

Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Tubing
• Is well suited for general laboratory usage.
• It has a nonslip surface and good flexibility.
• It is available in a variety of sizes and wall thicknesses for laboratory use with vacuum pumps, peristatic pumps, water lines and even Bunsen burners.

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Sports & RecreationHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Sports & Recreation


Our natural and synthetic rubber products are ideal for use in toys and sports/fitness equipment. Many recreational products rely on elastic components for their functionality.

Over the past 30 years, we have developed tubing and sheeting for archery bows, slingshots, fishing lures, fitness exercise bands/tubing and dog toys.

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | BakeryHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Bakery


Hygenic’s latex sheeting is used by industrial bakeries to prevent dough from sticking to cutters.

Hytone™ Natural Rubber Latex Sheeting has been successfully used by industrial bakeries for over 30 years. Thanks to its distinctive non-stick formula, this sheeting effectively prevents tacky dough from adhering to cutters.

Hytone™ Natural Rubber Latex Tubing has been used in the beverage packaging industry for systems using peristaltic pump dispensing.​

Select Hytone™ Products are made from ingredients listed in FDA Regulations 21CFR Part 177.2600 (Rubber Articles Intended for Repeated Use), 21CFR Part 178.3297 (Colorants for Polymers) and Part 182 GRAS.​

HYGENIC | Industries We Serve | WeldingHYGENIC | Industries We Serve | Welding


Leading manufacturers of MIG/TIG welding equipment rely on Hygenic braided tubing.

Over 30 years ago, Hygenic developed a unique formulation of natural rubber designed specifically for MIG/TIG welding hoses that is still in use today.

The tubing is manufactured with an over-braid to give it abrasion resistance while maintaining its flexibility. This braid can be color coded to signify its use for water, air or gas. Tracer threads, which give a patterned appearance, can further differentiate them.

Learn more about our tube braiding capabilities.​

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Hygenic’s Quality Management System
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