Hygenic© Natural Rubber Latex Tourniquet Straps, Leg and Neck Straps $1.00

Hygenic© Natural Rubber Latex Tourniquet Straps, Leg and Neck Straps

Hygenic Natural Rubber Latex Tourniquet Straps, Leg and Neck Straps

Hygenic® Natural Rubber Latex tourniquet straps, urinary leg bag straps and endodontic bite block straps are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Hygenic designed these disposable products for use in hospitals and clinics. The straps have been successfully tested to the ISO10993 standard for various medical applications.



  • Excellent tear resistance
  • Slip resistant
  • Smooth texture
  • Die cut with 10 holes to accommodate a custom fit
  • Stock straps are available in 3/4" (19mm) and 1" (25.4mm) widths
  • Can be manufactured to custom widths
  • Stock straps are available in the natural amber color
  • Customized thicknesses are available
  • Available in a variety of colors - custom color matching
  • Variety of packaging and quantity options available

If you think our Hygenic Natural Rubber Latex Tourniquet Straps are the solution for your next application, email us for a quote*.

*minimum order quantities will vary


Sheeting is available in three different materials - synthetic rubber, natural rubber latex and thermoplastic elastomer.


Film is available in two different materials - thermoplastic elastomer and natural rubber latex.

Q: How are the tourniquets packaged?

The 1” wide (25.4mm)  tourniquets standard packaging consists of “bulk” which contain 2,000 straps per carton, 4 boxes of 250 straps or 1000/case, 10 boxes of 100 or 1000/case.  The ¾” wide (19.05mm) tourniquets are packed with 2,500 per case.  Custom packaging options are also available.  We can also roll and band the tourniquets for easy insertion into IV start kits.

Q: How much does one case of your tourniquets weigh?
Case weights will vary depending on the packaging option, but generally one case will weigh about 18-20 pounds (8.17kg to 9.07kg).

Q: Can these straps be sterilized?
Yes.  These straps have been successfully sterilized using both ETO and gamma sterilization.

Q: Are these straps powder free?
No.  Powder must be part of the manufacturing process but the amount of powder on the straps is minimal.