Product Services

  • Tube Braiding

    The Hygenic Corporation can add a custom tube braid over the outside of our tubing or tubing that you supply to us up to about 1.25” OD (31.75mm OD). Tube braids add abrasion resistance but still allow the tubing to be flexible. We offer several types of braid material (nylon, rayon, Kevlar and other materials upon request) and can even provide unique braid material such as conductive braiding. Tube braiding can be provided in numerous colors and patterns.
  • Die Cutting

    Hygenic can provide custom die cutting from any of our flat sheeting and film materials – HYTONE™ Natural Rubber Latex Sheeting, HYTONE™ Natural Rubber Latex Film, HYSYNAL® Synthetic Rubber Sheeting, and HYPERFORM™ Elastomeric Sheeting and Film.   Our die cutting services are often used to make medical industry products. Rubber sheeting and film can be used for die cut gaskets, seals, diaphragms, and trocars.  All die cutting servi...
  • Custom Compounding

    One of the things that makes Hygenic different from other rubber tubing manufacturers is our ability to custom compound and custom formulate to your unique requirements.  We have over 75 years of experience developing and manufacturing various Elastomeric polymers for unique applications.   We offer very clean compounds without the chance of cross contaimination because we have never used free carbon black in our facility.    If you have a problem and need an Elastomeric m...
  • Custom Printing

    We can provide custom printing on most of our tubing, cord, sheeting and film products.   Most of our printing is done in white or black ink, but special colors may be available upon request.   We even offer free help with design services to help you determine the right size, font, spacing, etc. for the size of tubing, cord, sheeting or film that you want printed.  
  • Custom Packaging

    Since many of the products we manufacture are made to our customers' specification, we are happy to provide the product packaged as you prefer.   Whether you prefer the tubing packaged with a specific number of pieces per box, or would like your latex free film coiled with 336 feet (102.4m) per coil, we are glad to accommodate your needs.  Just ask us!
  • Sub Assembly

    Hygenic can provide sub assembly services such as assembling handles to the ends of tubing,  inserting a plug in the end of a piece of tubing or linking a tube together with a connector.   If you are in need of a sub assembly for tubing, sheeting, or film, please call us to discuss details or click here to fill out our Product Requirement form.