Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber Profiles

Hygenic® Extruded Natural Rubber is made from dry natural rubber and is highly sought after due to its versatile properties. It has:

  • excellent compression set
  • excellent tear resistance
  • good abrasion resistance
  • excellent impact resistance
  • very flexible and elastic
  • good recovery

Hygenic Extruded Natural Rubber Profiles are manufactured on a custom order basis only.

Please contact us to discuss the details of your intended application so we can provide you with the best cost estimate.

Our custom rubber products can be manufactured to fit your needs. To view the physical characteristics of our most common formulations, please sign in or register first.

Q: What is the minimum order requirement for rubber profiles?
Minimum order requirements will vary depending on the size, color and formulation.

Q: How can I get a quote on rubber profiles?
Please provide us with a drawing, intended application and any other requirements and we can provide pricing and minimum order requirements.
Click here to go to our Quote Request form.